It’s always advisable for beginners to start with uncomplicated games that are easy to learn. Many casino games are straightforward to play, such as slot machines, where you spin the wheels and wait for Lady Luck. Others can be a bit more complex to play and require in-depth knowledge and experience to win consistently. Most casino games aren’t too complicated to learn and with the intoxicating ambiance and high level of excitement that casino gaming offers, you’re in for a treat! The flashing neon lights, thrilling sound of chips and whirring, the rewarding nature of casino games are hard to replicate. That doesn’t mean developers haven’t already tried to achieve that. If you want to win real cash, plenty of reputable sites offer the chance to play real casino-style games.


The Easiest Casino Games to Play


Let’s start with basic and straightforward casino games that anyone can learn to play. Others haven’t made it on this list since they are fundamental, like the spin of a coin or the wheel of fortune. Those two are just potluck and the most basic forms of gambling at a casino.


1 – Slots & Jackpots


Slot machines are the undeniable champions of casino games of chance, with almost every site offering them. Slots are incredibly appealing, and they don’t require any particular skills or expertise, as they are purely games of luck, which makes them perfect for beginners. They work precisely like slot machines in traditional land casinos; however, with online casinos, you can find different types of online slots such as classic slots, five-reel slots, progressive slots, mobile slots, multi-play line slots. If you want to get familiar with different slot games and have fun, you can also play free slots online.

Jackpot slots look similar to the regular ones; however, some aspects make them significantly different. Apart from their themes, most jackpot slot machines provide a large prize pool. That means winning a lot more than usual. There are different types of jackpot games available. Some have a fixed prize pool, which means that you know exactly how much money you can win. However, there are games where the prize pools increase with every bet. The majority of casinos call them progressive jackpots. They are usually more attractive since the pot keeps getting bigger until someone wins. Regardless of the type of jackpot you go for, you need to press a tab and decide how much to stake on a spin. Be sure to find an online casino that has enough jackpot games because they are amusing.


2 – Keno Games


Keno is an unusual casino game; however, it is a game you should think about playing. The rules are straightforward; all you need to do is select a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The game draws twenty random numbers, and if your numbers match the ones removed, you win a big prize. The magnitude of the awards varies according to how many numbers match the ones you’ve chosen. Some casinos offer variants on Keno incorporating alternative rules, so read them before you start playing.


3 – Video Poker


Poker isn’t such a complicated game as most think. It is popular in land-based and online casinos; therefore, beginners shouldn’t have a hard time succeeding. There are many different poker variants; however, they all require you to develop the best winning hand. The degree of difficulty varies significantly from one to another. With poker, you need to place a bet before every hand: the more substantial your hand, the higher your winnings. Most casinos offer variations like Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, and Let It Ride.

The latter is straightforward to learn, understand, and easy to pick up. Texas hold ’em is another game new players could try. Once you grasp the rules, you should make the right card combos and wager with certainty. The best thing about poker is how easy it is to understand and play and how it has the lowest house edge. Variants like Caribbean Stud poker has an advantage of at least 5%, while Pai Gow Poker starts from just 2.5%. 3-card poker is another variant to try. The house edge starts at only 1.5%!


4 – Blackjack


If you prefer to start on a card table, you won’t find any game more comfortable or more enjoyable than blackjack. The game has elementary rules that are easy to digest. Blackjack isn’t only comfortable, and it’s also one of the few games you can win without having to be an expert. If you have little knowledge about casino games, you can search for tactics and strategies for blackjack online to help with your winnings. However, like most table games, blackjack has many variants with its own rules, the different number of paylines, betting and payout limits. As a beginner, your odds are a lot better if you begin with a single-deck blackjack.