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The pleasure of a live casino experience is what gambling is really all about. Interacting with real people makes all the difference. The thrills of playing live online blackjack, baccarat, or roulette are just irreplaceable. These live casino games offer a fully immersive atmosphere, with a mix of low, and high-stakes betting.

The comparison to a land-based casino experience is entirely justified. The level of social interaction between the players and dealers creates a social platform. When players use the live chat function to ask the dealer a question, she or he will look straight at the camera to answer it! The games are filmed using the latest HD cameras and streamlined online. Multi-camera angles cover all the action. Technology has advanced so rapidly that image recognition software can read the card symbols, baccarat table, and roulette wheels accurately. Furthermore, the wide choice of live dealer games offer unique features not to be found at land casinos.

Live Casino vs Standard Table Games

Standard table games are no comparison to live dealer casino games. Besides the points already mentioned, there are some notable differences. The betting limits on live casino games tend to be higher than regular table games. Live games use real cards, roulette wheels, dice, betting tables, and real people host them. Standard ones use random number generators. Furthermore, live games take a bit more time to set up than electronic games, which adds a touch of reality. Live games cannot be played for free; however, players can sit in at a table, and check it out before actually joining it. The live casino games are played using the same rules that are used at land-based ones.

Live Dealer Casino Games

There is a wonderful choice of live games, with high and low betting limits. Perhaps the most popular is roulette, followed closely by blackjack and baccarat. Even more exciting are the newer games such as Evolution’s Dream Catcher (Wheel of Fortune), and Lightning Roulette. Both offer massive potential for payouts and unique special features such as 7x multipliers, and payouts of up to 500:1. Poker games are also popular, and some of the most popular versions of the classic card game can be enjoyed at a live dealer casino. The most common versions are Casino Hold ‘em, and Three Card Poker. Some online casinos even offer Dice games such as Sic Bo. Since roulette is currently the most popular live casino game, there is an excellent choice of brilliantly designed versions with outstanding features.  Lightning Roulette offers enormous payouts, while Speed Roulette provides two spins every minute. There is Immersive Roulette, which is played in a lavish, and luxury casino setting. Double Ball Roulette takes things even further by creating a novel version of the game with two balls! Players looking for really high stakes will be pleased to learn that live casino betting limits are considerably higher than standard table games. While the latter hover around CA$500 per hand, live casino games offer five figure limits!

Live Casino Bonuses

Most bonuses offered by live dealer casinos take the form of Cashback percentages on losses. Generally speaking, they can be claimed multiple times unlike a welcome bonus, which only offers it once. These kinds of offers can return 40%, it even 50% back to players on losses suffered. It is always advisable to check for the availability of any bonuses with customer support prior to starting out. Deposit bonuses are not commonplace; nevertheless, they do turn up from time to time, generally matching a deposit, thereby offering double the cash to wager. Free chips or credits are provided on occasion, yet these are usually pretty modest, say CA$5! Playing without a bonus means no terms and conditions can hold a player down, which is preferable to some.

Technological Advances

It was a long time coming and a hotly anticipated and seminal development in the world of iGaming. This experience had eluded online casinos but not any more. Technology, software and other advances have made live casino gaming a reality. The live casino games mentioned above are all essentially group games, and this is the crucial difference with other games. It proved to be a massive challenge adapting these types of games to an online casino setting. The exceptional games available today are the result of innovative game developers rising to the challenge. With an accent is on the ‘live’ element, that magic ingredient that has eluded online casinos until recently, live casino games represent the pinnacle of online perfection in casino gaming. Not to forget players can use a mobile device to play live casino games. The quality of modern tablets and cell phones has improved to such extent that the games come across clearly, in HD quality. Coupled with the availability of free, or low-cost WiFi, using a mobile device is a viable and pleasant experience.

4 Casino Games That Are Beginner-Friendly

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Exotic types of gambling

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How the Sports Betting Industry is Dealing with the Lack of Sports Events Amidst the Pandemic

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How Have Online Casinos Fared This Pandemic Globally?

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Crazy Things People Actually Bet On

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The 5 oldest casinos in the history of Canada

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Artificial Intelligence and Gambling

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The Richest Gamblers in the World

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Overview of Legal Gambling Age Worldwide

Just as drinking alcohol has a legal age, so does gambling. Moreover, it differs from country to country, although 18 seems to be the most common age worldwide. Some countries are more open to gambling, such as Germany, Spain and the UK. The three countries are Europe’s biggest markets for [...]

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Is Investing The Same As Gambling

Investing isn't the same as gambling; however, there are a few subtle similarities. They both entail spending money with the expectation of receiving financial returns. They both have an element of risk that might lead to considerable financial gain. The differences are a lot more pronounced. Let’s have a closer [...]

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The World’s Weirdest & Wild Bets

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The Casinos With The Highest Limits

As more casinos flourish on the net, the choice has grown dramatically. Each one has its limits and more established ones tend to have higher limits than new operators. Nevertheless, high limit online casings are not the sole dominion of the market leaders. There are numerous viable high-limited casinos for [...]

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The 7 Largest Casinos in the World

The casino industry has been expanding exponentially year after year, with records breaking turnover and admissions. Despite a brief hiatus in 2020 due to social distancing rules, the industry is expected to grow further. Predictions point towards a market valuation of almost US$125 billion by 2025, driven by a CAGR [...]

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Unhealthy Habits at the Casino

Casinos are a huge industry worldwide, with millions of visitors in an average year. Many players will be making several trips a year. Casinos are expressly set up to be centred on everything fun, including bad habits. Gambling itself adds to the overall excitement, causing anxiety and stress that may [...]

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