Watching a capable video game streamer is exciting and compelling. The practice has captured the imagination of players and fans. Successful streamers are famous in the gaming industry, and the best ones earn small fortunes through endorsements, advertising, and tournaments. Some streamers have thousands of loyal followers who hang on to their every move. Anyone can become a successful video game streamer with the right tools and attitude. The first step is a platform to share your gaming skills.


Get Started on Twitch


Before going out and buying expensive streaming equipment, do your research on streamers currently dominating Twitch TV. Twitch provides a video game platform and esports athletes to broadcast live video games while commenting about the game simultaneously. Fans can interact directly with video game streamers and give them tips during the game. If you’re serious about becoming a successful video streamer, consider Twitch Prime, the paid premium Twitch version. With Twitch, Prime can take advantage of several additional benefits like ad-free broadcasts, exclusive emoji signs, and alternative colour schemes for chat feeds, plus exclusive in-game content. You should start streaming on Twitch to be successful. It is the starting point of your new business. You need to do your homework to be successful, so try and sketch a rough business plan.


Choose a Name


Your Twitch name is essentially your company name, so before you sign up, choose an appropriate name for your channel. Don’t use swearing words. You might think it amusing that your Twitch name sounds crude or has some strategically placed numbers; however, that will come back to haunt you. No matter how good you are, a crude name won’t score you any points. Broadcasters are referred to by their Twitch name like a nickname, so make sure you pick something you want. Choose a catchy name that’s easy to remember. A common mistake when creating a title is making it too complicated or with alternative spellings. They can be difficult to recall, making it harder for people to find you and the channel. Make it entirely about yourself. The best usernames are rememberable because of a story. Having an exciting backstory to your name can be a great addition to your profile and allow viewers to know you better.




First and foremost, you won’t be able to stream without useful internet. Having a reliable internet connection is the necessary foundation of live streaming video games. Without a stable and moderately-fast connection, your streaming career will never get off the ground. Your internet connection doesn’t need to be lightning-fast, but it should be fast enough to broadcast at 720p with ease. Nobody is interested in watching an unclear, foggy pixelated mess underneath your commentary; therefore, make sure you maintain a steady 720p at the minimum. Frequent disconnects will undoubtedly do you no favours, so utilize a wired connection and resolve any connectivity issues you have with your internet service provider. Once your internet situation is all sorted, you’ve accomplished the first step towards becoming a famous live streamer! Next, you’re going to need some equipment.


Streaming Software


You should download the necessary streaming software. There are multiple software programs you can use to broadcast gaming sessions of your online video game to the Twitch community. One of those programs will allow you to showcase the titles you’re currently playing and your mad skills to the world. Streaming software has its unique interface, strengths and weaknesses; therefore, it makes sense to try out several different programs to see which one you like best. When you start up your streaming software for the first time, you get a prompt to specify the inputs for the audio-visual devices you use. After that, you can go live as quickly as logging in to your Twitch account and starting a new stream!


Mic & Webcam


Invest in a decent quality microphone and a webcam. Your mic allows you to add your commentary and chat with viewers directly. If you want them to see you while you play, you’ll also need to connect a webcam to your computer. The correct equipment will bring you closer to your viewers, making them feel like they are with a close friend rather than viewing an anonymous player running through levels and unlock achievements without saying a word. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a brand new microphone. You can get by fine with an ordinary gaming headset, though the audio quality may not be quite as crisp as a standalone microphone. While a webcam isn’t strictly a necessity, it will help you engage better with audiences. That is critical if you hope to build a dedicated following or make yourself more attractive to sponsors.


Share Frequently


People may stumble upon your stream unexpectedly; however, that isn’t the best way to do things in the long run. No one knows you are streaming; therefore, it’s up to you to spread the word! Whether advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or sharing your content like streaming links, channel highlights, or Reddit depends on your approach. At times it’s better to start with something unique that will attract more attention, such as giveaways or playing the game a particular way. After building a fan base, things start to evolve with time organically; however, you need to create that initial push on your own.




Make sure you have a well-planned schedule of how often and how long you want to stream. That may vary week-to-week, but consistency is vital. Fans want to know how often you are online and how long you will stream. If you allow days to go by without communicating with your followers, you’re very likely to lose them.