Casinos are glitzy and glamourous, with bold displays of wealth that evoke wonder and encourage you to open your wallet. Attracting more visitors to a casino is a more straightforward affair these days, with bonuses for new players pulling in the punters. Before the advent of the internet, the offer had to be larger than life to attract customers to a land casino. The setting of incredible world records is an integral part of their attraction. While now a forgotten part of the package was once a legendary element of a trip to Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo.

The Largest Blackjack Table

In 2012, the Viejas Casino in Southern California was home to an enormous functioning Blackjack table that was ever built. The record was set and remained to this day. The most massive functioning blackjack table is 206,85 m2 in surface area and was created by the Viejas Casino, in Alpine, California, on 13 September 2013. In celebrating the Viejas Casino’s 21st anniversary, a blackjack hand was played by six casino players and the dealer using oversized casino chips and cards that matched the enormous scale of the table. The colossal counter measured 120 times the size of a regular Blackjack table and was almost 207m² in surface area. The dealer has to stand on the table for the entire duration of the session, projecting his voice like a champ.

The Largest Blackjack Table

Most Slot Machines Running Simultaneously

In 2013, at the Mohegan Sun casino, a record-breaking slot Machine Tournament entered the Guinness Book of Records. Fascinatingly, while that was ongoing, participants inadvertently broke the record for the most slot machines running the same game simultaneously. At 6 am, there was a line stemming around the casino with people eager to register for the competition and be part of the outrageous feat. The Mohegan Sun was at that time home to nearly 6,000 slots, so it was quite an accomplishment.

The Furthest Playing Card Throw

The remarkable record was outside of a casino, and in 2002, Rick Smith broke the world record for the furthest throw of a playing card, a whopping 65.96 metres! Anyone who has ever thrown a playing card will know that is no easy feat. American magician Smith was well known for his incredible achievements with playing cards. He holds the record for the fastest card throw with a massive 92mph, which is also the highest playing card throw. Smith set both the quickest and the furthest card throw on the same day in March 2002, at the Convocation Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. Some call it was luck, others a sleight of hand.

The Largest Fan Card Formation

In 1994, the record for holding the biggest fan of playing cards was set by Ralf Laue. He managed to keep 326 cards in a fan formation, in one hand, with all the colours and values of each card visible. That is an incredible 326 cards! We’re finding it hard even to picture that. Imagine using that to cool off in the heat of the Vegas deserts. Laue set other impressive world records since then, including pancake-flipping and the fastest game of Operation.

The Tallest Card Tower

In 2007, American Architect Bryan Berg built a huge 7.86-metre house of cards, bettering his previous attempt. Berg reportedly used one thousand decks of cards to make the main section of his artistic construction, requiring another hundred packs of cards to create the accompanying card buildings. There was no tape or glue, and each part is held together by pure will and bated breath. While certainly not as stable as the world’s tallest skyscraper! Due to the size and elaborate nature of the structure, Berg had to knock the entire thing down himself to prove that it was free-standing! You could say that although it was tall, his tower of cards was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Tallest Card Tower

The Largest Jackpot Payout

The largest jackpot payout prize for an online slot machine is $20,062,600, won by Jon Heywood from the UK while playing Microgaming’s jackpot slot Mega Moolah in October 2015.

The Highest Slot Machine Payout

The largest slot payout is $39,713,982, won by a 25-year-old software engineer who hailed from Los Angeles. He put in $100 in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.

The World’s Largest Casino

The most extensive casino in the world is the 51,100 m2 Venetian Macao, a casino resort owned by the Las Vegas Sands, and opened in August 2007. There are more than 3,400 slot machines and almost 900 gaming tables. The second-largest casino is the Venetian Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, which opened in 1997.

The World's Largest Casino

The Oldest Dealer

The oldest croupier is Joanna Dodd, who was born in January 1936. She was employed at the Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, up to February 2015, making her the oldest casino dealer in the world at 79 years of age.

Most Casinos Visited in a Day

The most casinos visited in a day is 69. That was achieved first by father and son Jack and Jeremy Freeman in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in August 2007. This record was then equalled by Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in October 2015. they played blackjack at every casino, keeping a $5 chip from each one and winning $30 from all hands.

Most Players in an Online Poker Room

The most players within an online poker room at the same time are 307,016. They played on a total of 42,814 virtual tables at on 6 September 2009. holds multiple GWRs for online poker.

Largest Baccarat Tournament Prize

The most significant prize money a baccarat tournament won by an individual is $12,890,500. Lin Hasain achieved that feat at Sands Cotai Central Sheraton Ballroom in Macao in March 2015.

Largest Baccarat Tournament Prize

Largest Roulette Wheel in the World

The largest roulette wheel is 8.75 m2 in diameter at the Casino Du Liban, Lebanon, in December 2017. The roulette wheel is on the dome of the casino and electronically controlled.