TV game shows have captivated audiences for years. The live setting and anticipation of winning make them tremendously exciting for viewers. Game shows draw thousands of viewers and captivate the viewers’ attention. Notable game shows like The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and several others translate well into casino games due to their live settings and familiar formats. Most casino games stem back hundreds of years. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and dice games have a long and chequered history before casinos became popular. Slot machines existed decades before grand casinos on the Vegas Strip or Monte Carlo. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians played gambling games as a pastime throughout much of human history. Land and online casinos have made these games far more accessible than ever before.


Increase in Popularity of Game Shoes


However, there has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of game show-based games at online casinos in recent years. They provide a new option for gamblers to try, and casino game developers are always looking for something new to attract gamblers. Rather than re-skinning and regurgitating the same old table games, developers introduce a vast array of new, innovative betting experiences that utilize classic casino game elements and blend them with entirely new aspects. They create a superior level of engagement and familiarity with a TV game show that has captivated audiences for years.


The Influence of Roulette


Roulette has provided a basis and is the inspiration for many of the most popular game shows for TV and online casinos. The multi-coloured wheel that showcases different segments is the hallmark of the most notable games like The Price is Right, Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune. New variations like Live Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, and Monopoly Live present players with an unprecedented level of payout potential that casino games seldom offer. TV game shows have been staples of small-screen entertainment for many decades. Unfortunately, many of them are no longer on air after decades of broadcasting; however, that doesn’t mean they are dead. The online casino industry has embraced live casino games based on TV game shows over the past couple of years, and there have been several exceptional games unleashed. The hybrid genre of TV game shows and live dealer games is in bloom! They are becoming immensely popular, especially when people cannot go to a land casino and only have online games available. The best of these new game show experiences at online casinos are drawing in the crowds. Here are some popular game shows that have become online casino games.


Dream Catcher


Dream Catcher started the entire live casino genre, so it is fair, to begin with, it. Dream Catcher is loosely based on the Wheel of Fortune game and the first to start a trend many releases have tried to match. The game revolves around a massive money wheel explicitly built for this game. Evolution Gaming is behind the game that combines the legendary board game Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher’s money wheel. Other releases of note featuring money wheels are Crazy Time, Live Mega Wheel, and Spin a Win.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


The notorious game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? by Big Time Gaming is an unavoidable part of the list. It is increasingly popular at many online casinos. The television show emerged in Britain, but its popularity quickly spread to other countries around the world. The American version of the show is as well known as the British one. It was on the air until 2014; however, the award-winning show made the creators bring it back to life. It currently airs on the ABC TV channel.


Deal or No Deal


Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular TV game shows ever. Its popularity goes way beyond the USA and the UK. Almost every country worldwide has its variation of the show. The nature of the Deal or No Deal show makes it easy to adapt to the live casino format. Subsequently, multiple live dealer versions of the popular game exist at online casinos. Deal or No Deal Live is the most famous game by Evolution Gaming. It is the first casino game to appear globally, but it wasn’t the only one. Playtech is another industry leader, and the company devised its version of the game. The latest is Deal or No Deal the Big Draw!


Mega Ball


Mega Ball is another game based on a popular TV game show. The game isn’t a casino remake of a specific game show; however, it does combine bingo and lottery elements. Bingo was always meant Sunday nights for Bingo! Mega Ball features many numbered balls that carry the promise of big prizes if you succeed in completing lines on the tickets. The game creators went one step further to make it even more appealing by introducing Multipliers, which complement prizes for winning up to 1,000x the stake!


Monopoly Live


Evolution Gaming’s most notable game show release was Monopoly Live, which took online casinos by storm. After the initial success of Live Dream Catcher, the developer worked to figure out how to make the game set up even better. Monopoly Live runs its base game on the Prize Wheel mechanic. However, several incredibly innovative additions elevate the gameplay to new heights. The game replaces the multiplier segments on the Live Dream Catcher wheel with Chance, 2x Roll, and 4x Roll options. It effectively integrates a combination of both digital and live studio elements. Monopoly Live presents players with a profoundly immersive bonus feature that replicates its namesake amazingly. If a spin of the wheel land in the 2x or 4x roll segments, the game will transport you to take a virtual walk around a multiplier-adorned game board escorted by Rich Uncle Penny Bags, who has lead players to grand cash payout prizes.


Crazy Time


Their latest release was one of the most highly anticipated games to come out of Evolution Gaming’s development studio. Crazy Time promises players a unique gameplay experience described as the most fantastic live casino game created by Evolution Gaming, and it doesn’t disappoint! The game takes aspects players know and love from both Live Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. There is also an element of slot machines with the 2-reel slot that determines an additional multiplier added to a randomly selected segment and adds even more bonuses. It maintains the multipliers from Dream Catcher and combines them with the bonus features that made Monopoly Live so distinguishable. Crazy Time offers players four fabulous bonus features to trigger that each takes place off the Prize Wheel and in their respective area, giving players more with each spin the wheel. Although the titles here are the most popular casino game shows, they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous titles you can find at online casinos.